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Burgundy winemaking specificities

Burgundy winemaking specificities

Understanding the winemaking strategies for Pinot noir and Chardonnay in
2-day Program in Dijon
From February 23rd to 24th, 2023
This program focus on explaining the existing different winemaking strategies used for Pinot
noir and Chardonnay. You will have the opportunity to perceive the impact of them into the
wine’s profile thanks to wine tasting and lectures.

Please follow the steps listed bellow to register for Burgundy Winemaking Specificities
1) Pre-registration on-line between now and January 15th, 2023 by filling the form here
2) Reception of an agreement from SEFCA-uB* by email. Please sign it and send it back to
the sender’s email address.
3) Confirmation of the registration for early birds in December 2021 then in January
For more  information about this class (fees, detailed program), please read the course leaflet here

Contacts :
Course Manager : Pr. Hervé ALEXANDRE
Phone: +33 (0) 3 80 39 63 93
Administrative Information: Franck DUBOIS
Phone: +33 (0) 3 80 39 36 67

Burgundy Winemaking Specificities (2-Day Program) is complementary to Terroir and Vineyard Management (3-Day Program). Both sessions, in full English, take place in February 23rd to 24th, 2023 at Institut Jules Guyot (IUVV), Dijon

These courses are complementary to the « Terroir and Vineyard Management » & “Bordeaux Winemaking specificities” training courses in Bordeaux. 

*Service commun de Formations Continue et par Alternance de l’Université de Bourgogne

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